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JaDu Technologies relies on Clarion from SoftVelocity.

Clarion is a powerful, flexible and constantly evolving product. As we stumble across something we feel is interesting it will be placed here for others to use and learn from. 



29 March 2004

JtTrn made available. This free template enables windows to become transparent


30 August 2002
Quick File made available. This free class allows you to create an ascii file on the fly without using the ASCII driver or a pre-defined file layout. Great for those temporary files.


7 May 2002


19 May 2002

The Progress replacement template has been updated to also include CODE templates for the Manual and Logo progress control to trigger the display update overriding the default update on a timer event.

18 May 2002.
The Progress replacement template has been updated to include a new Manual progress control template. This template does not require an ABC Process procedure or a standard progress control, just a field that contains the percent complete value as your procedure progresses.

Also included is a Logo progress template (thanks to Jim Kane for the idea). This template either stretches or un-veils an image such as a logo as the procedure progresses.

In our Examples area we have:

ThePie: a basic class based program for making pies. Demonstrates how to use QUEUES, CONSTRUCT, DESTRUCT, VIRTUAL and INTERFACE/IMPLEMENTS as well as ITEMIZE.

Task Bar: a dockable window, similar to the Microsoft Office Shortcut bar (also includes code for setting desktop icon conditions including small, details, transparent.

WinRef: how to modify the properties of windows and controls in procedures other than the window's owner by using reference variables, queues and/or passed parameters.

CopyTree: a copy procedure using DIRECTORY that calls itself recursively to copy sub-directory files.



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